What is the purpose of this page?

I have given classes to people who were starting in computing, especially older people, they usually ask me these questions that are reflected on the page, if you already know enough about office automation this is not your page better go to the official page, this page is focused on people with little office automation knowledge.

Much of this information comes on the official LibreOffice page, but it is true that people who do not know much about the subject find it complicated, so on this page I try to solve the questions that my students asked me, without much technical explanation, the simpler the better.

These are the typical questions my students used to ask me, what is LibreOffice? Isn't there just a text editor? Is it the same as Office? Is it free? How do I install it? What things can be done with LibreOffice? ? Is it better or worse than Microsoft? Can you make presentations? Can you do calculations or write books? How do I install it? How do I download it? Is it safe? Can I make Pdfs ?, etc., etc.

What is LibreOffice?

Libreoffice project, is a free office software suite of high productivity and professional quality, with it you can replace, for example, Microsoft Office. It includes the classics Writer (Word), Calc (Excel), Impress (Powerpoint), Draw (Graphics editor), Math (equation and formula editor) and Base (database manager). It is free to download and install, with no fees, no payments to make, available in more than 30 languages and for all major operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Download LibreOffice

Normally on the download page there are usually two versions, the last one that we could say is in testing and the previous one, we recommend not downloading the last one but the previous one since it is usually more tested and has no errors. Download

How to download and install LibreOffice 32 and 64 bit on Windows or Mac?

We go to the page and download it, it will depend on the browser we are using, Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Chrome. If someone does not know how to download instructions here:
Video of how to download with Edge.
Video on how to download with Firefox.
Video of how to download with Chrome.

Download LibreOffice 32 and 64 bits on Windows

f you have Windows on your PC and want to use LibreOffice, you must download and run the installer taking these aspects into account:
Download 32-bit LibreOffice for Windows: If you want to install 32-bit LibreOffice, download the main installer from the download area: Click on the "Downloads" button.
Download 64-bit LibreOffice for Windows: If your system is 64-bit, download the 64-bit option, enter the “downloads” section and press the “Downloads” button.

Install the LibreOffice suite

Once you download the installer file, you must run the installation. For this, double click on this file. Press the "Next" button and choose the type of installation, standard or custom, for most people the standard is sufficient.

Later, check the boxes of the Office files that you want to open from LibreOffice. If you want to use the two applications separately, click "Next" without checking any box. Check the option "Create shortcut" and press the "Install" button. Finally, click "Finish" to complete the installation.

Here you can see a step by step installation LibreOffice.


LibreOffice, is a free office software suite of high productivity and professional quality, with it you can replace, for example, Microsoft Office. It is free to download and install, with no fees, no payments to make, available in more than 30 languages and for all major operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Download LibreOffice 32 and 64 bit on Mac

Check if your computer has the minimum requirements to install the LibreOffice package without any problem. Once you do this, download the installer file from the official website.

Download the .DMG file: First, you need to download the .DMG file from the Libreoffice official website.
Install the .DMG file: Double click on the .DMG file to run the installation. Drag the LibreOffice icon and place it in the "Applications" directory. The application files will begin to copy and a progress bar will be displayed so you are aware of the installation.

If you have Mac OS 10.8 (or higher), there may be a problem that is solved by pressing the secondary button of the mouse on the file "LibreOffice.app". Choose the option "Open in context menu." Then the system will ask you if you want to start the program.

First steps in Libreoffice

It is impossible to give a guide for the first steps in Libreoffice. It depends on whether you are going to use the word processor, the spreadsheet or whatever. We are going to leave you a link to the help section of Libreoffice. On this page at the top left you can choose the module, either writer, calc, etc. and also the language. Then it is a matter of looking for the doubt you have, it is very well explained. If not also online you have a lot of tutorials to learn anything.

Go to the Libreoffice help

Features Libreoffice

Libreoffice review. On September 28, 2010, members of the OpenOffice.org project formed a new group called The Document Foundation, making available a fork of OpenOffice.org called LibreOffice. The foundation stated that it will coordinate and oversee the development of LibreOffice. Oracle was extended an invitation to participate in the project as a member of The Document Foundation, asking them to donate the OpenOffice.org brand. Instead Oracle rejected the project demanding that all members of the OpenOffice.org board involved resign. At the end of October 2010, 33 German volunteers, not involved with development, moved to The Document Foundation to support LibreOffice leaving OpenOffice.org.

In order to produce an office suite that is independent of any vendor, with ODF (Open Document Format) support and without the obligation of attribution of code authorship to Sun or Oracle, the former OpenOffice.org community supported The Document Foundation. Among the companies from which it received support were: Novell, RedHat, Canonical and Google.

LibreOffice is a complete professional-quality productivity suite that is free to download and install. There is a large base of satisfied LibreOffice users around the world, and it is available in more than 30 languages ​​and for all major operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva, Suse, ...). You can download, install, and distribute LibreOffice freely, without fear of copyright infringement.

LibreOffice is a mature and feature-packed desktop productivity suite with some very big benefits:

It's free - there are no license fees.

No language barriers - it's available in a large number of languages, with more being added all the time.
LGPL Public License - can be used, customized, modified and copied with free user assistance and developer support from an active global community and a large and experienced development team.
LibreOffice is a community-driven Free Software project: the development is open to new talents and new ideas, and the software is tested and used daily by a large and devoted community of users; it can also contribute to and influence their future development.

LibreOffice gives you high quality:

The roots of LibreOffice go back 20 years. This long history means that it is a stable and functional product.
Thousands of users around the world regularly participate in beta testing of new LibreOffice versions.
Because the development process is completely open, LibreOffice has been extensively tested by security experts, giving you confidence and peace of mind.

LibreOffice is user friendly:

It features an easy-to-use yet powerful interface that is also easy to customize - Microsoft Office users will find the switch simple and painless, with a familiar look.
Compatible with file formats of the main competitors. You can easily import files from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CorelDraw and many other formats, plus you can easily save in Microsoft Office and other formats when needed.
LibreOffice is supported by a large community around the world: volunteers help new members, while power users and developers can collaborate with new users to find solutions to complex issues.


The best alternative to Microsoft Office, free, no recurring payments, often updated, used by millions of people.

Free applications that make up LibreOffice

Libreoffice review. As we say, the suite as such is free to use, so we will not have to pay a dólar, which many will appreciate, for sure. In addition, it must be taken into account that, as with the Microsoft alternative, LibreOffice is made up of several independent applications. In this specific case we are going to find a total of six applications, each of them for a particular type of use. It is also important to know that they are compatible with practically all office formats, including those used by Office.

Math (formula editor) 

Thus, in the first place we find Math, a program focused on the edition of mathematical formulas. For this we can make use of this mathematical solution when creating our own text documents, as well as presentations or spreadsheets. Thus, in these programs of the same suite, we will have the possibility of inserting mathematical formulas from here. In this way, we can integrate advanced and scientific formulas with a perfect and well-defined format into our personal documents.

How could it be otherwise, they can work with common elements in this type of use such as fractions, functions, matrices, indices and subscripts, integrals or equations, among others.

Draw (vector graphics) 

On the other hand we find the application that is part of LibreOffice, Draw. In this case, we are referring to a solution that focuses primarily on the world of design. In this way we are going to find a user interface that allows us to create elements such as sketches, graphics or custom diagrams. At the same time this is an application that has been designed so that we can generate our own technical drawings or posters, etc.

How could it be otherwise, this program offers us a multitude of dedicated functions and objects, even some in 3D. All this, together with its intuitive and functional user interface, make it a very useful solution for most users. And that's not all, since Draw also has the necessary tools to create flow charts of all kinds, as well as organization charts.

Base (Libreoffice database) 

And of course, as it happens in any office suite that boasts of being one, a powerful database manager could not be missing here. Specifically, here we refer to LibreOffice Base or Libreoffice Database, a program that offers us everything we need to create, edit and work with our personal databases. For all this, it offers us a user interface specially dedicated to this type of work that has also not stopped evolving over time.

Due to all this, this is a software focused on the use of databases with all the necessary functions for the usual of this type of programs. Thus, it could be said that it is a valid program for advanced users as well as for novices in these areas, even for companies.

Keep in mind that it makes all the native drivers for some of the most widely used database engines available to us. Thus, among these we can highlight MySQL, Adabas D, MS Access, JDB, ODBC or PostgreSQL.

Impress (presentations) 

Changing third, as with Microsoft's PowerPoint, this office solution also has its own application focused on multimedia presentations. Specifically, here we refer to Impress, a software that will be very helpful when designing attractive slide-based presentations.

As expected and as with the aforementioned Microsoft PowerPoint, LibreOffice's Impress is a really effective solution when it comes to designing presentations. In this way, it allows us to use all kinds of multimedia elements that add a plus to them. At the same time, it puts at our disposal a large number of tools focused on design that try to make things easier for us in this regard. Thus, we can make use of animations and effects, images of all kinds, 2D and 3D elements from text, or even create 3D scenes with different objects.

At the same time, the program offers us several modes of visualization and design of our projects, which makes it much more comfortable to work with them. We are also referring to an application that could be considered valid for both end users and professionals. Everything will depend on the patience and effort that we put into the projects in the form of presentations that we are going to create from here.

Writer (word processor)

Libreoffice grammarly. As we have mentioned before, when talking about office programs and suites that we use today, the first that comes to mind in Office. But this is not the only one, especially if we take into account that we can use similar alternatives, but free, as is the case at hand. Moreover, if we focus on one of the most common types of use in this regard, word processors, Word is the best known.

However, as is easy to imagine, LibreOffice also has its own word processor, Writer. This is the case of the proposal offered by this free-use suite, in fact it is a powerful text editor that presents us with some advantages over its more direct competitors. First of all, we will say that it is a program that does not cost us a single euro.

Thus, in order to use it, it is enough for us to download the suite that we are talking about here. In addition, it must be taken into account that it offers us all the necessary functions to create and edit texts of all formats without any problem. Of course, hardly anyone can deny that we are facing one of Microsoft's great Word competitors. This is something that becomes especially clear if we take a look at the many customizable functions that it presents. It is also compatible with all file formats, including DOC and DOCX.

Libreoffice spell checker

Writer provides us with a complete spelling and grammar checker in the four languages ​​of the state and in many other languages ​​such as English, French, Italian, ...

Choose the language:

First you have to select the text that you want to correct.
We define the language in the Tools> Language menu. Then we can choose if we want to correct all the text, a paragraph or just the selection.
Option For all text in the Language menu
If you cannot find the language you want in the list, click on the More ... option and the language definition window will appear. 
Spelling checker

In this same window, choose the Typing Assistant option to activate automatic spelling and grammar checking while typing. To do this, check the options:
Check spelling when writing.
Check grammar when writing.
Typing Assistant option in the Language Settings window
If the text contains spelling mistakes we will find them underlined in red. The underline is not displayed when printing.
Misspelling underlined in red
To make the correction, we will click with the right mouse button on the word to be corrected. Next, a menu will be displayed that will present possible alternatives. You will have to choose the good one by clicking on it.
Misspelling underlined in red and correction menu
The checker has a small margin of error:
You cannot distinguish between words that have two meanings.
It can also be the case that you use words (surnames, infrequent words ...) that the dictionary does not have and therefore the program underlines them as a lack even if they are correct. In this case we must omit the correction.

Tips on using concealer

The checker also underlines words in green color, they are not necessarily spelling mistakes but warnings of possible syntactic errors. For example:

We have forgotten to capitalize the beginning of the paragraph.
It is a word that can be written or accented in two different ways.

Calc (Libreoffice spreadsheet) 

And to finish we will tell you that at the moment in which we have to work with numerical data on a PC, we have a specific program for it. Specifically, we refer to the possibility of using one of the best solutions, using a spreadsheet program.

In the current market in the office automation sector we have several alternatives in this same sense, as is the case of Excel that is integrated into Office, Google Sheets or Calc from LibreOffice. Specifically, in the latter case, which is the one that interests us in these lines, we find an excellent proposal to deal with all kinds of numerical data. All this is achieved thanks to a huge set of functions and formulas, together with a more than adequate user interface.

As these programs are accustomed to us, it focuses on cells where we place the numerical data with which we are going to work. Although at first it may seem like a somewhat strange interface, over time we will see that it is the best proposal for this data.

How to access LibreOffice applications?

When we download and install the office suite, it creates a series of shortcuts in the Windows Start menu so that we can use it. These refer specifically to the different applications that we have talked about previously. Therefore we find a call to each one of them individually in order to directly access the one we need.

LibreOffice interface

But with everything and with it, we have a joint and global interface that encompasses them all. This is precisely the LibreOffice call, which gives us access to the same applications, but from a single window. The advantage of using this is that we will also have access to the most recent documents, templates, remote files, etc. This includes all the programs that make up the suite, which can be very helpful. 

Libreoffice Project 

Libreoffice database, Libreoffice grammarly, Libreoffice resume template, Libreoffice spell check, Libreoffice Pdf, Libreoffice spreadsheet, Libreoffice review, writer, and more...

Libreoffice vs Openoffice

Although Microsoft Office is the office suite par excellence (most of us ultimately use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other programs), this suite is paid. And not exactly cheap. When there are no alternatives, there is no other option. Fortunately, this is not the case. Today we can find a large number of alternatives to the Microsoft Office suite that allow us to have a word processor, spreadsheets and software for slide shows completely free of charge. Programs that will perfectly serve to replace the Microsoft suite. And two of these alternative office suites are OpenOffice and LibreOffice. And today these solutions are suitable for any user or company.

OpenOffice was originally born as a project to offer users an alternative to MS Office. However, after Oracle acquired the suite and then released it to Apache, a group of decided to create a new suite based on the original source code for it. And thus LibreOffice was born.

LibreOffice is, broadly speaking, a "fork" or program derived from OpenOffice, which has evolved and improved over the years. Although a long time ago it was basically the same program, since in broad strokes it was the same code, The Document Foundation (organization in charge of its development) has worked hard to improve and differentiate it, especially internally, to the maximum of the Apache suite.

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Microsoft Office Vs Libreoffice

Is Libreoffice better than Microsoft Office? Is Microsoft Office better than Libreoffice? which is better?

All in one way or another have been users of Microsoft Word since the first versions that came out, however, when you know the alternatives based on free software, first OpenOffice.org and now LibreOffice, you realize that really sticking to an office tool we makes technological slaves and dependent on a single product that does not take us into account when trying to modify or propose the odd change you need.

These are some of the many reasons why people love and work with LibreOffice.

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Libreoffice pdf editor

If you have received a PDF document and want to edit it, you have surely encountered a problem: this format is not intended to be modified, but to simply be viewed. Unlike text documents, you will need other programs to edit PDF easily.

Luckily, there is one that allows you to do it for free. It is LibreOffice, the main alternative to Word and Microsoft Office. This program is Open Source and you can download it from its website. In some Linux distributions it comes pre-installed, although if you prefer it is also available for Windows and macOS.

Like Office, it is made up of several different applications. There is Writer, equivalent to Docs or Impress, like Power Point. The program to edit PDF that interests you is Draw, designed to create and modify graphics and can also be modified with Writer. It is included when you install LibreOffice.

See how to modify pdf with Libreoffice and Libreoffice to pdf

Tips, Tricks for Libreoffice

It is impossible to give one general tips or tricks for Libreoffice, it is too extensive, it depends on what each one uses the most and the way they work.
Here I provide what I use the most, for example, change the default font, paste plain text, select text arbitrarily, cut the page where you want, customize your toolbar, save files directly as PDF, create editable hybrid PDF files, encrypt a document or give it a password when saving it, use the synonym search engine, add third-party dictionaries, keyboard shortcuts, extensions, edit pdfs, etc., etc.

See tips and tricks for Libreoffice

LibreOffice, is a free office software suite of high productivity and professional quality

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