My name is Tom, I'm a computer scientist and a lover of open source, it doesn't matter who I am.
I have been using Libreoffice (also previously openoffice) for many years on a personal and professional level, this page is designed to help people who are starting in this world of open source, in this case with Libreoffice.
I have tried to collect the things that I would have liked to be taught when I started using Libreoffice, that is the objective of this page, the first questions we have and how to solve them.
Obviously I cannot solve all the doubts, it is only for when it begins, later on the internet there are many other sites with much more information, tutorials, how to do it, etc.
Finally, I continue to use Libreoffice's own help when I have a question, I recommend that you use it, here is the link, Libreoffice Help
Nothing else, I hope this page helps you and you use Libreoffice. 

We do not collect or process any type of personal data, this is an informative page. 

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